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A Roman suffers the wrath of an enraged Goth.

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Explore and enjoy the intense, exotic imagery of this refreshingly faithful motion picture adaptation of William Shakespeare's TITUS ANDRONICUS, directed by Christopher Dunne. THIS "T. A." IS TITUS AT HIS MAD AND BLOODY BEST.

Celebrating our tenth anniversary we present a previously unreleased section of 14 publicity stills below:

Lucius (Alex Chew) greets guests at the Andronicus banquet.

At left, Tamora (Candy K. Sweet) is suspicious of her dinner invitation. At right, Demetrius (Tom Dennis) contemplates murder most foul.

During a meeting backstage, entertainment icon Frank Gorshin discusses technical matters with Christopher Dunne. "What the hell?--"


Chiron (Levi Tinker) prepares for his dismemberment... "What's my motivation?"

Demetrius ponders the grisly murder of his brother Alarbus.



Lucius attends to a Goth meatloaf.

Director Christopher Dunne tests a special effect.


At left, Saturnnus is comforted by Tamora. At right, Tamora encounters her sons Chiron and Demetrius.

Psychotic villain Aaron torments Lucius, and Cornelia bleeds.

The following images are all captures from the motion picture TITUS ANDRONICUS


Titus Andronicus attacks two of his enemies with his trusty sword.


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An unfortunate employee of the Emperor gets her brains thoroughly stomped out by an irate palace guest.


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 Two heads and a fresh, steaming meatloaf made of a special family recipe are served to honored dinner guests of Titus Andronicus.



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